Flying Home

RE-POST July 20, 2010 My long flight home presented me with a lot of time to reflect on my journey, something I would continue to do for weeks to come. Ultimately, this was my resolution - to not stop reflecting ... [Continue Reading]

Fair Trade Producer Magana Flowers, Kenya

RE-POST July 19, 2010 My third and final stop of the day was to a flower producer. Despite having a hell of a time locating the facility, we arrived late in the afternoon to a welcoming management team. As with ... [Continue Reading]

Fair Trade Coffee Co-op, Kiambu Kenya

RE-POST July 19, 2010 We were headed back out to visit with Ndumberi Coffee Grower’s Co-op Society. Raymond Gjtau Wanyugj was the Chairman of the co-op and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the ... [Continue Reading]

Alive & Kicking stitching centre, Nairobi

RE-POST July 19, 2010 This was my final day in Africa and I had a lot to accomplish. Stop #1: Before heading back to the coffee ... [Continue Reading]

Mpanga Growers Fair Trade Tea Factory, Uganda

RE-POST July 15, 2010 The western Ugandan landscape is beautiful with its rolling hillsides and lush green vegetation. It is also carpeted by tea plantations. Miles and miles of rich bright tea leaves coat the ... [Continue Reading]

Ndali Vanilla, Fort Portal Uganda

RE-POST July 14 & 15, 2010 Since I arrived in the dark, it was much to my surprise to awake to an absolutely beautiful estate. Turns out the main lodge and my cabin were situated on top of a mountain between ... [Continue Reading]

Gulu, Uganda

Today I'm moving my blog to Wordpress. To mark this launch I'm re-posting some entries made through my website's blog as it will eventually come down altogether. I'll start with select posts from my trip to Africa in 2010. This trip inspired me to start blogging in the first place so I think it's an ... [Continue Reading]