Girl Guides of Canada, Peru Adventure

August 2014 This past summer VOLO Athletics supported Girl Guides of Canada with their National Trip to Peru. It sounds like it was a life-changing experience they won't soon forget. We were pleased to be able to ... [Continue Reading]

2014 Fair Trade MINI Flag Ball

June 26 2014 Olé, Olé, Olé! 2014’s World Cup is in full swing and it’s as thrilling as ever. To celebrate the excitement that the world is experiencing during this ... [Continue Reading]

Peru Revisited

June 2014 Although Peru doesn’t have a team in this year’s World Cup, there are some rising stars there to be sure, as witnessed by Discovery Organics and Choices ... [Continue Reading]

A Ball of Joy! Update from World Vision Canada in El Salvador

March 2014 - A Ball of Joy! Bringing Smiles and Fun to Children in El Salvador. Thank you James and VOLO Athletics for your gift of soccer balls. This special gift is bringing so much joy ... [Continue Reading]

International Development Week

February 2014 - VOLO Athletics Founder James Milligan is profiled for International Development Week. Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) invites VOLO Athletics Founder ... [Continue Reading]

Collaboration with World Vision Canada

August 2013 - World Vision Canada Collaborates with VOLO Athletics Fair Trade Sports Balls for Project in El Salvador. World Vision Canada and Vancouver-based VOLO Athletics Fair Trade ... [Continue Reading]

LUSH Cosmetics, El Retiro, Guatemala

February 2013 - LUSH Cosmetics, El Retiro, Guatemala In February LUSH ... [Continue Reading]

iQmetrix Volunteers in Chan Chen, Mexico

March 2013 - iQmetrix in Chan Chen, Mexico VOLO Athletics is pleased to have been able to support iQmetrix's recent corporate trip to Mexico. Great story! ... [Continue Reading]

Peru’s Challenge

RE-POST Summer 2012 This summer, 19 people from all over North America left home for Cuzco, Peru. The purpose of the trip: to give the opportunity of education to young Peruvian children. We wanted to make ... [Continue Reading]

Pennies for Peru Campaign

RE-POST March 2012 Since February 6th, 2012, northern Peru has experienced a near perfect storm. Record rainfall in the desert and heavy rain in high surrounding regions have led to 1000’s of ... [Continue Reading]