iQmetrix Volunteers in Chan Chen, Mexico

March 2013 - iQmetrix in Chan Chen, Mexico VOLO Athletics is pleased to have been able to support iQmetrix's recent corporate trip to Mexico. Great story! ... [Continue Reading]

Peru’s Challenge

RE-POST Summer 2012 This summer, 19 people from all over North America left home for Cuzco, Peru. The purpose of the trip: to give the opportunity of education to young Peruvian children. We wanted to make ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 4 of 4

RE-POST October 5, 2012 - Sabaz, Security My name is Sabaz Ali and I work in security. My age is 58 years, and I dwell at Vario village. I served frontier forces of Pakistan and retired as “Hawaldaar”1 ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 3 of 4

RE-POST September 26, 2012 - Abdul Sattar, Stitcher My name is Abdul Sattar and I work in the stitching centre. When I grew up, I had the love of my parents and prosperity in my home. My father ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 2 of 4

RE-POST Sept 13, 2012 - M. Rauf, Panel Punching My name is M. Rauf and I work in the Punching Department where the panels for each ball are cut or ‘punched’. My father had established a great business of garments. ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 1 of 4

RE-POST August 24, 2012 - Ihsan, Quality Assurance My name is Ihsan and I work in the Quality Assurance Department. My parents were in the teaching profession in Government Sector. They worked hard and did ... [Continue Reading]

Summer Festivals

RE-POST August 2012 I couldn’t let the summer go by without commenting on a couple of great events VOLO Athletics was a part of this year. In late June we supported LatinCouver’s, ... [Continue Reading]

Italy for Africa

RE-POST May 2012 Football for Africa was a huge success! We held a two-day tournament in a sports complex in the eastern part of Rome. There were ten schools in the boys and girls events, with ... [Continue Reading]

Pennies for Peru Campaign

RE-POST March 2012 Since February 6th, 2012, northern Peru has experienced a near perfect storm. Record rainfall in the desert and heavy rain in high surrounding regions have led to 1000’s of ... [Continue Reading]

Research shows OA Projects Programs work

RE-POST July 16, 2012 - Research shows OA Projects Programs work A year ago today, I was sitting by the side of a dusty field that was more dirt than grass watching about one hundred teenagers play ... [Continue Reading]