Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 2 of 4


Sept 13, 2012 – M. Rauf, Panel Punching

M Rauf - VOLO Athletics Fair Trade Sports Balls

My name is M. Rauf and I work in the Punching Department where the panels for each ball are cut or ‘punched’.

My father had established a great business of garments. He had good business acumen. We had a lot of money and my pocket money was a handsome amount. But suddenly my father expired and everything changed. I was compelled to find a job somewhere. At last, I succeeded in finding job in the factory where VOLO Athletics has their fair trade sports balls made.

I have been performing my duties honestly since the first day of my job. My wife is contended and satisfied to her life. She eats and wears whatever is within my limited sources. Often we are able to eat food only once in a day. We almost have forgotten the taste of meat and fruit.

One day a Fair Price Shop was inaugurated at our factory. When I visited the shop during lunch time, I was surprised with happiness that grocery commodities like pulses, ghee, sugar etc. were available there at comparatively low prices. On the first week of the month, when I was paid my monthly salary, I purchased all necessary grocery items happily and came home. My wife expressed a great deal of joy on seeing these goods. She said: “Now we will be able to purchase meat and fruit this month”.

Fair Trade Shop - VOLO Athletics Fair Trade Sports Balls

Fair trade premiums used for a ‘fair value’ mini grocery store built for the employees. Volume purchases and direct buying offers lower prices for the employees.

On that day we prayed for our Fairtrade Joint Body*, since their kindness has allowed factory employees to purchase grocery items at low prices in this era of high rising prices of eatables. May Allah bless them and their business flourish day by day.

M. Rauf

The Fairtrade Joint Body receives funding from the production of every Fairtrade Sports Ball made for VOLO Athletics. This funding is deposited directly into the Fairtrade Joint Body Bank Account, then used by the community of employees by way of a democratic process.

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