Flying Home


July 20, 2010


My long flight home presented me with a lot of time to reflect on my journey, something I would continue to do for weeks to come. Ultimately, this was my resolution – to not stop reflecting on the amazing place that Africa is, the knowledge I had gained about fair trade from these co-ops, the impact soccer is having in Gulu, and the role I can play in all of it.

From being a consumer buying more fair trade products, to my role as importer selling fair trade sports balls, the work is very important and the effect is working to improve lives of others.

I returned home with an even greater feeling of wanting to help and contribute more. I decided I wanted to make OA Projects and their work in Gulu my central international community focus, and therefore needed to meet with Gavin about how to expand that effort. His work and organization is very committed, organized, and the results are tangible. They know what they are doing and it is working. This was something I knew I wanted VOLO Athletics to be a part of.

I was more confident than ever that the fair trade model was working having now seen it first hand. Building my business and spreading the word about the fair trade model had become that much more important to me and I was eager to get back to Vancouver and get to work!

PHOTO: I ran into this kid in Fort Portal playing soccer with some friends. This is a typical soccer ‘ball’ – a bunch of plastic bags tied together with twine.

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