Canada’s only Fair Trade Sports Event: Vancouver International Soccer Festival 2015

July 2015 – Canada’s only Fair Trade Sports Event: Vancouver International Soccer Festival


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – The Vancouver International Soccer Festival (VISF) concluded its 11th consecutive year on July 3-5, 2015 during the weekend of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final. As always, the festival was a great success thanks in part to the numerous sponsors and supporters who continue to participate in the event year after year.

Not only is the VISF a World Cup-style soccer tournament that brings together soccer teams with players from Canada, the U.S.A., local international schools, and multi-cultural communities, but it’s also the only continuing Fair Trade Designated Sporting Event in Canada, now in it’s 3rd year with such a designation.

At a time when the beautiful game’s governing body is riddled in administrative controversy, it’s refreshing to see contrasting stories reflecting positively on the sport. The VISF continues to raise it’s game on and off the pitch with a commitment to transparency, fair play, fair pay, and social programs by way of the fair trade model.

For four years now The Vancouver International Soccer Festival has aimed to include fair trade products wherever possible. All matches are played with Fair Trade Certified and FIFA Approved performance soccer balls and various Fair Trade Certified food and beverage options are made available to participants. 2015 saw more fair trade vendors involved than ever before and more are already aiming to support the festival in 2016.

VISF 2015_Poster

The VISF has been recognized by Fairtrade Canada for three consecutive years making it the only Fair Trade Soccer Event in Canada where fair trade goods were specifically chosen over conventional products.

The principles of fair trade and the Fair Trade City designation held by the City of Vancouver align with the values of inclusion, equality, and respect that are espoused by the Vancouver International Soccer Festival. A point further acknowledged by the presence and support of Vancouver Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer in VISF’s friendly matches.

Vancouver International Soccer Festival 2015 Photo Credit - Sports Revolution 02Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer (she makes the save in case you’re wondering!)

“Soccer has an incredible power that can be used to make this world a better place. We work within this powerful platform to promote peace, equality, health, and education for everyone,” says Adri Hamael, the Founder and Executive Director of VISF and the One Team for Peace Society.

VISF Photos: https://www.facebook.com/TheVISF
VOLO Athletics Photos: https://www.facebook.com/SocialConscienceFairTradeSports

All fair trade products were provided courtesy of the event’s partners, including bananas from Discovery Organics, coffee from Ethical Bean, Chocolate Snack Squares from Camino, Qi’a Snack Bars from Nature’s Path, kombucha juice drink sampling from RISE Kombucha, and of course official match balls from VOLO Athletics.

See you next year!

For more information, visit www.oneteamunited.ca

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