VOLO Athletics has been delivering professionally made soccer balls for years. Universities, clubs, retailers and players at all levels have been using our fair trade and FIFA grade performance soccer balls and in doing so, we’ve obtained a lot of testimonials. Here are a few of our favourites!


“These soccer balls are top quality. Among the best that I have used as a player and a coach.”

~ Nick Dasovic, Former Professional Player and Head Coach of Toronto FC, inductee in the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame


“I coach a soccer program for youth at Covenant House in Vancouver. When our program was getting underway in 2011, VOLO Athletics donated a number of soccer balls and has provided more as our program expanded. This equipment turned out to be of the highest quality. We practice twice a week, and regularly participate in events, so the soccer balls are well used. Over the years, we have had soccer balls from all the major suppliers and I can say that VOLO is the most robust, maintains pressure the best and gets the most praise from our players.”

~ Stephen McMinn, President of the Vancouver Street Soccer League


“The red soccer ball is the symbol of Right To Play, and VOLO Athletics has brought that symbol to life in our events and promotions across Canada, with its vibrant, high quality, fair trade product.”

~ Stephanie D’Souza, Right To Play Canada


Why should my interest in and advocacy for social justice be divorced from my activities on the soccer pitch? VOLO has bridged this gap for me. In fact, by way of a soccer ball, VOLO has instigated a conversation about social justice issues on local pitches all around our communities.

       These social justice issues are extremely important but what is also important is the quality and performance of the soccer ball itself and VOLO delivers on its promise. Besides the cutting edge graphics, the texture of the ball is great — lovely to the touch due to its ever so slight surface cushion. It feels great on the foot adding to comfort and confidence while possessing the ball and allowing for precise control. The ball also feels great coming off the foot. It does exactly what I ask of it, adding to its predictability and reliability. A VOLO soccer ball is responsive to my action and vision as a player.”

~ Kyle Mitchell – Player, Team Scotland, Runner-up 2016 VISF Finals


“We’ve worked through some challenging design projects to produce our soccer balls, but I wouldn’t take them on with anyone else. I have a trust that VOLO will get it done right.”

“I’m a massive believer in customer service and with VOLO that’s what you get – questions get answered quickly, problems get solved and a beautiful ball arrives at your door.”

~ Tim Adams, Organizer Free Footie, Edmonton


“VOLO Athletics has been supporting the VSSL since 2012 with all our soccer ball needs. They’ve been a great company to work with. There product is excellent and what’s particularly important is they share our values and mission, which is focused on empowering vulnerable people through the power of sport. “

~ Kurt Heinrich, Vancouver Street Soccer League


“VOLO is the Official and Exclusive Partner of the Annual VISF and One Team Soccer Society community programs. VOLO balls are the official and exclusive products for our international soccer camps for youth from war torn regions and the annual VISF: Canada’s Largest Multi Cultural Soccer Fest! We’ve proudly used VOLO products for many years. The balls have always been well received by the hundreds of players and by our community members who participate in the annual tournament and in our community outreach programs. We are proud to support VOLO products because the balls are high quality and ethically produced.”

~ Adri Hamael, Founder and Executive Director, One Team United For Peace & Development Soccer Society and the Vancouver International Soccer Festival

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