VOLO Torrent Soccer Ball (size 5 mint/blush)


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Product Description

Thermo Bonded Game Ball. Top quality match ball that meets FIFA Approved performance standards. Superior design performance ball, soft micro fibre PU for leather feel, textured, speed and balanced pop off the foot. Official size & weight.

Available in size 5 for ages 13+. Size 4 and 3 available on special order. Contact for details HERE.

Guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for one year.


  • Fairtrade Certified®
  • Meets FIFA Approved Performance Standards
  • Thermo Bonded Technology for longevity and durability
  • 4.5 mm polyurethane micro fibre, foam and poly fabric construction
  • Beautiful textured finish with striking design and colour scheme
  • Textile wrapped butyl bladder for maximum air and shape retention
  • No PVC, leather or animal products used in production
  • Balls are shipped deflated
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