Pennies for Peru Campaign


March 2012

San Rafael-Peru Coop

Since February 6th, 2012, northern Peru has experienced a near perfect storm. Record rainfall in the desert and heavy rain in high surrounding regions have led to 1000’s of hectares of flooded farmlands. This otherwise perfect agricultural setting has been ravaged by the floods and seen harvests of fair trade bananas, mangos, and avocados destroyed.

Vancouver organizations Choices Markets, Discovery Organics, and Fair Trade Vancouver, teamed up for an expedition to survey the flood-affected regions of Peru. VOLO Athletics assisted by providing fair trade soccer balls as a means to bring some joy to an otherwise desperate situation.

Upon returning from Peru, a campaign was established to help farmers buy seeds for next season’s harvest. Pennies for Peru is asking for your help since 1¢ CDN, is equivalent to 5¢ in Peru. Each penny will be circulated through the Fair Trade system and help support hundreds of growers get back on their feet.

For more information on how you can donate, visit Fair Trade Vancouver or any Choices Markets location.

More photos here.

San Rafael-PERU San Rafael (1)

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