Collaboration with World Vision Canada

August 2013 – World Vision Canada Collaborates with VOLO Athletics Fair Trade Sports Balls for Project in El Salvador.


World Vision Canada and Vancouver-based VOLO Athletics Fair Trade Sports Balls, have teamed up to distribute soccer balls in Montaña de Fe, El Salvador.


World Vision has been working with families in this area since 2008, to help them improve the quality of life for their children.  Most people are involved in coffee farming, but are still struggling financially.  When World Vision started working in the areas more than 30% of families had a household income of approximately $1 a day.  It meant that parents couldn’t pay for basic medical care for their children.

World Vision is focusing on changing trends by investing in children’s futures.  The level of education is low. The few preschool programs in the area were unable to serve all of the boys and girls between 4 – 6 years in the community.  Children were dropping out of school because their parents were busy during the planting and harvesting seasons.

VOLO Athletics soccer balls are going to be a part of World Vision’s work to address the challenges in the community.  They are going to give children living in tough conditions, with limited access to strong education systems, the opportunity to learn and laugh and play.


Fair Trade Certified Products offer a different way of doing business. They’re about making principles of fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace.

By way of the Fair Trade Model, VOLO Athletics Fair Trade Soccer Balls ensures the people behind the ball get a better deal. There is monitoring against the use of child labour, employees are paid fairly and are provided a clean safe work environment, and there’s funding for social programs from every ball. Such social programs include providing school supplies for children, access to fresh water, and basic health care services like eye exams and diabetes tests.

These principles coupled with World Vision Canada’s commitment to international community development made this collaboration an easy one.

Follow the story of these soccer balls over the coming months as they are delivered to World Vision Canada’s Area Development Program in El Salvador:

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