A Ball of Joy! Update from World Vision Canada in El Salvador

March 2014 – A Ball of Joy! Bringing Smiles and Fun to Children in El Salvador.


Thank you James and VOLO Athletics for your gift of soccer balls. This special gift is bringing so much joy to children in El Salvador.



In August of 2013, VOLO Athletics supported World Vision Canada’s work in El Salvador by  donating 100 soccer balls to this regional program. See the blog post here. World Vision has provided this update from the field…

VOLO Athletics + World Vision Canada - El Salvador Project 02

A huge soccer field located in the middle of a rural community in El Salvador has now become a hub for laughter and playtime for many children. Boys and girls squeal with delight as they run after their new soccer balls, generously donated by VOLO Athletics.

Before the children received the soccer balls, they only had one soccer ball to play with. Balmore, a 12 year old boy from the local community describes his experience before receiving the new soccer balls,

“We had to take turns to play soccer and when your turn finally came, recess time was over. We all like soccer, but we only have a plastic ball that the teacher bought.”

World Vision distributed the soccer balls at 5 rural schools benefiting 150 girls and 195 boys. Thanks to VOLO Athletics, each grade now has soccer balls to play with! Balmore was so excited about the fair trade soccer balls, “Soccer balls are my favorite toy. I like to play in the field. They do not buy me a ball at home because they are expensive. And the one World Vision brought us is professional, it is very nice; the foot does not hurt when hitting it.”

VOLO Athletics + World Vision Canada - El Salvador Project 01

Arely, one of the school teachers says: “I am a teacher at a World Vision community holistic development center and…I am very happy with this donation because the families here are very poor and cannot invest in buying toys for their sons and daughters.” He went on to say, “As a teacher and leader for this community, I want to thank VOLO Athletics for the balls and tell them that the children are excited and are already committed to taking care of them and keeping them in their classrooms so that these last them a long time. This ball means fun and joy.”

VOLO Athletics + World Vision Canada - El Salvador Project 03

Immediately after the balls were handed out, boys and girls broke out into teams and started to play a friendly soccer match! Gloria, a 7 years old girl immediately took to the game and enjoyed playing soccer with her friends and when asked what she liked best about soccer, she exclaimed “I only like to run and mark the boys!”

Recreational activity like soccer builds good sportsmanship, team building skills and promotes physical exercise. Play is important to a child’s development but unfortunately playtime can be difficult for children in developing countries as many do not have access to sports equipment or household duties such as caring for their younger siblings, or fetching fire wood and water can be time consuming.

VOLO Athletics + World Vision Canada - El Salvador Project 04

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