Fair Trade Producer Magana Flowers, Kenya


July 19, 2010


My third and final stop of the day was to a flower producer. Despite having a hell of a time locating the facility, we arrived late in the afternoon to a welcoming management team. As with everywhere else I visited, they were open to my questions, willing to let me take pictures and tour their facility.

Flower growers are making as little as 0.09€ per stem! So for a dozen roses, that’s only 1.08€. This is a very competitive market and literally every penny they can manage makes a difference. The fair trade flower draws a couple more Euros per stem.

Once again, I toured the facility with no restrictions and found it interesting to see the speed at which they harvest, trim, pack and then ship these flowers to Europe. Flowers are in shops within 24hrs of picking.


Inside the flower cooler at Magana Flowers. These will be in Germany within 24hrs.

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