About us

About Us


Is North America’s leading Fairtrade Certified® soccer ball for players at all levels.

VOLO produces great soccer balls. We’ve done so for schools, universities, clubs, non-profit organizations, corporations, faith groups, and sporting events. Our soccer balls are made in Pakistan where they’ve been crafting the world’s best balls for over 100 years. They’re also the only country that produces fair trade soccer balls.

Just as players form a relationship with their game, so too has VOLO built a relationship with the people behind their soccer balls. VOLO connects the dots between the producers and the pitch. Being the only ball in North America carrying products certified to Fairtrade International Standards and meeting FIFA performance quality standards, VOLO shows we can have both great performance and great story in every ball.

The story of a great soccer ball starts with the people who handcraft each one to standard, but it ends with you. They made it. Now go make it fly.

Our Story

By James Milligan, Founder of Volo Athletics

When I was a kid I played soccer like most everyone else. Only, I wasn’t very good. When I grew up I came to learn that I was better at business than I was at sports, so in 2007 when I was growing tired of my corporate gig, I decided to start my own business.

As I learned more about products and their supply chains, I decided I wanted a business that was a social enterprise. However, I didn’t want to be a not-for-profit or a charity. I have no issues turning a profit, I just didn’t want to do it on the backs of children, their parents or the producers I relied on for my goods. When I discovered the Fairtrade International Certification® model, I started looking for products under this mark which I could import and start a business around. I found soccer balls.

From that point on I applied myself to designing, importing and distributing soccer balls. I created VOLO Athletics with the goal of seeking change through business and sport. I love the joy and passion soccer brings to people of all ages and so I’m pleased to be respecting those at the front of the supply chain who make the ball. For over 100 years now they have played an important role in that experience.

Desire change.