Vancouver International Soccer Festival 2017…2018

Our friends at the Vancouver International Soccer Festival (VISF) have recently announced this year’s upcoming tournament dates: July 6-8, 2018 at Empire Fields. As a proud official sponsor of the tournament, VOLO will once again be providing all custom-made match balls for the 6th consecutive ... [Continue Reading]


VOLO Athletics has been delivering professionally made soccer balls for years. Universities, clubs, retailers and players at all levels have been using our fair trade and FIFA grade performance soccer balls and in doing so, we’ve obtained a lot of testimonials. Here are ... [Continue Reading]

Fairtrade Certified Soccer Balls

VOLO Athletics only makes soccer balls that comply with Fairtrade production standards.

Why buy fair trade? Products that carry a fair trade label have been certified that their manufacturing process meets certain social, economic and environmental standards. There is an assurance against ... [Continue Reading]

Canada’s only Fair Trade Sports Event: Vancouver International Soccer Festival 2015

July 2015 - Canada's only Fair Trade Sports Event: Vancouver International Soccer Festival VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – The Vancouver International Soccer Festival (VISF) concluded its 11th ... [Continue Reading]

Girl Guides of Canada, Peru Adventure

August 2014 This past summer VOLO Athletics supported Girl Guides of Canada with their National Trip to Peru. It sounds like it was a life-changing experience they won't soon forget. We were pleased to be able to ... [Continue Reading]

Fair Trade Campus Week 2014

September 2014 Humber College September is host to Fair Trade Campus Week across Canada. This year VOLO Athletics was pleased to support over 20 campuses who organized activities to ... [Continue Reading]

Vancouver International Soccer Festival 2014 Celebrates 10 Years

July 2014 - Vancouver International Soccer Festival, Canada's only Fair Trade Soccer Event VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – The Vancouver International Soccer Festival (VISF) celebrated its 10th ... [Continue Reading]

2014 Fair Trade MINI Flag Ball

June 26 2014 Olé, Olé, Olé! 2014’s World Cup is in full swing and it’s as thrilling as ever. To celebrate the excitement that the world is experiencing during this ... [Continue Reading]

Peru Revisited

June 2014 Although Peru doesn’t have a team in this year’s World Cup, there are some rising stars there to be sure, as witnessed by Discovery Organics and Choices ... [Continue Reading]

A Ball of Joy! Update from World Vision Canada in El Salvador

March 2014 - A Ball of Joy! Bringing Smiles and Fun to Children in El Salvador. Thank you James and VOLO Athletics for your gift of soccer balls. This special gift is bringing so much joy to ... [Continue Reading]