Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 4 of 4

RE-POST October 5, 2012 - Sabaz, Security My name is Sabaz Ali and I work in security. My age is 58 years, and I dwell at Vario village. I served frontier forces of Pakistan and retired as “Hawaldaar”1 ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 3 of 4

RE-POST September 26, 2012 - Abdul Sattar, Stitcher My name is Abdul Sattar and I work in the stitching centre. When I grew up, I had the love of my parents and prosperity in my home. My father ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 2 of 4

RE-POST Sept 13, 2012 - M. Rauf, Panel Punching My name is M. Rauf and I work in the Punching Department where the panels for each ball are cut or ‘punched’. My father had established a great business of garments. ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the People Behind the Ball – Part 1 of 4

RE-POST August 24, 2012 - Ihsan, Quality Assurance My name is Ihsan and I work in the Quality Assurance Department. My parents were in the teaching profession in Government Sector. They worked hard and did ... [Continue Reading]

Summer Festivals

RE-POST August 2012 I couldn’t let the summer go by without commenting on a couple of great events VOLO Athletics was a part of this year. In late June we supported LatinCouver’s, ... [Continue Reading]

Italy for Africa

RE-POST May 2012 Football for Africa was a huge success! We held a two-day tournament in a sports complex in the eastern part of Rome. There were ten schools in the boys and girls events, with special ... [Continue Reading]

Pennies for Peru Campaign

RE-POST March 2012 Since February 6th, 2012, northern Peru has experienced a near perfect storm. Record rainfall in the desert and heavy rain in high surrounding regions have led to 1000’s of hectares ... [Continue Reading]

Research shows OA Projects Programs work

RE-POST July 16, 2012 - Research shows OA Projects Programs work A year ago today, I was sitting by the side of a dusty field that was more dirt than grass watching about one hundred teenagers play ... [Continue Reading]

OA Projects Campaign Updates

RE-POST April 30, 2011 - 100 Fair Trade Soccer Balls have been Shipped As most of you know I have been fundraising to send fair trade soccer balls to Gulu, northern ... [Continue Reading]

Gulu, Uganda

Today I'm moving my blog to Wordpress. To mark this launch I'm re-posting some entries made through my website's blog as it will eventually come down altogether. I'll start with select posts from my trip to Africa in 2010. This trip inspired me to start blogging in the first place so I think it's an ... [Continue Reading]