VOLO Fairtrade PRO 4 Match Ball



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Product Description

Top quality match ball that meets FIFA’s Approved performance standards. Has a butyl bladder, micro fiber pearl textured finish and a high abrasion resistant surface for durability. Official size & weight.

Available in size 5 for ages 13+

Guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for two years.


  • Fairtrade Certified®
  • Meets FIFA Approved Performance Standards
  • Hand-stitched for longevity and durability
  • Latex bladder for maximum air retention
  • 1.8mm polyurethane micro fibre, 32 panel construction
  • No PVC, leather or animal products used in production
  • Balls are made from a variety of materials including polyurethane, rubber, cotton, polyester, canvas and nylon
  • Circumference 68.5-68.7 cm
  • Weight 432-448g
  • Balls are shipped deflated
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